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A visually attractive housing is as much included to our understanding of quality as the "core values". For us it is important that all construction and design work carried out in close cooperation with the customer. Also in this area we have the necessary expertise and can help you from concept through construction right up to design and production data. The housing will be developed by us; complicated mechanical constructions are executed by our partner firm Partech AG.

In use CAD-System
As a design tool we are using the 3D system "SolidWorks". Not only the actual housing, but also components such as LED, displays, switches and connectors will be recorded on the system. Thus, the accuracy of fit of all components is ensured in every case. With our system even kinematic motions of whole modules can be simulated. The system provides our customers with the added advantage to be able to consider the construction in detail and three-d on the own PC, from beginning to the series-production readiness. Therefore, a close co-operation with our customers is always ensured. Therefore, the data are at the clients disposal conventionally via e-mail or online via Internet.

Our CAD system allows our customers also to present advanced 3D displays of the product from the initiation of the design to mass production. The used design and manufacturing software "SolidWorks" generates without extra effort and detours photo-realistic images. This is possible because not only the mechanical components but also the imprints are created on our system. Thus brochures, websites and other marketing material can be carrying out already in the design and development phase.

With our CAD / CAM system we are able to create directly the machine data for the manufacturing of mechanical components. Milling operations are usually performed on the CNC milling machine by our partner company Partech AG. For other work such as sheet metal and steel machining, water jet cutting, surface coating, casting mold manufacturing etc., our wide braided network of contractors coming into play. Regarding the labeling, it is obvious that the silk-screen printing films are plotted directly from our system..