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Professional Sector

In the professional satellite technology GloboTech has built up a reputation especially as leading supplier and system integrator of larger Satellite receive- and transmit- stations. Mostly such projects include not only receiving or transmit systems. In many cases, control and monitoring systems, fiber optic solutions or signal recording systems are needed. As a system integrator GloboTech offers everything from one source.

Semi-Professional Sector

Also for the semi-professional sector we can offer optimal solutions. This could be a single system consisting a rotating antenna with a satellite receiver and GLOBUSS-Lite M&C Software or a multi-feed system with up to 30 LNB's. In both solutions only one mouseclick for the appropriate program or the corresponding data service is enough and all units are set!

Our Hardware- and Software Solutions

  • Receive - and Transmit systems for geostationary and polar orbiting satellites
    • Motorized antennas (GEO, IGSO, MEO, LEO)
    • Multifeed - Multifocus - Multibeam Systems
    • Fixantenna - Systems
  • Receiver and systems for digital and analogue signals
  • Meters and Measurement systems
  • Distant control and monitoring of complete systems with our M&C-Software GLOBUSS
  • Remote monitoring of all relevant system components with GLOBUSS
  • Visual remote monitoring of antenna systems with videocameras and picture transmission via RF (analogue) or Ethernet (MPEG-2/4)
  • Sat-IF-, Video-, Audio- und Data Transmissions (a few meters to over 150 km)

Our Services

  • Project planning of down- and uplink stations
  • Development of special components in the RF-, Video and NF-Sectors
  • Development of client specific software solutions
  • Modernizations of existing plants
  • Repairs and maintenance of of uplink and downlink systems
  • Systemvalue measurements (coaxial and optical)
  • RF cable assembly (batch cable production)
  • Neutral expertises