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What would be the best hardware without proper software? To make the operation of devices as simple as possible, the software is becoming more and more important in the development of new devices. Also in the further development of existing equipment, the software becomes the same care and attention like the hardware. As a result of this, we have our own software development department. It goes without saying that we also adopt our high quality standards in this area.

Embedded Firmware
In our own devices, especially micro-controllers from PIC, Rabbit, and Motorola are used. For these types of processors, we have development environments that provide an efficient and optimized programming. We use the programming languages C and Dynamic C. Based on our experience in firmware development of self made equipment, of course, also our customer’s orders benefit from this know-how.

PC Software
For our Windows-based software we use, depending on the application, Visual C + +, C # or Visual Basic as programming language. We primarily provide technical software in the area of communications, control and monitoring. Our control and monitoring software GLOBUSS is just one example of the many areas, in which we use our skills.

Software Maintenance and Documentation
We try to build up our software developments as modular as possible to get a clear and well documented program. Only this way, it is guaranteed that a program can be adapted to changing requirements even later.

Device Development
Since we are in a position to develop software ourselves we can construct, also regarding the usability and functionality, a complete and well to the customer’s wishes coordinated device. The customer gets everything from one source!

Development Environment C#

Software Documentation

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