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Company foundation and our CATV self produced products

GloboTech GmbH was founded in 1994 through the acquisition of the RF department of GLUR, Münsingen. The GLUR-products were, thanks to their excellent quality, market leader in the field of professional FM broadcasting equipment. GloboTech refined these devices and complemented them with own equipment series. Our self made products, from the Satellite Receiver via Stereo Coder and FM Modulator right up to FM Repeaters, are a hundred times now in use in Switzerland and Europe.

Of course as a flexible manufacturer, we are able to offer an appropriate solution for your special application. Due to their multi-functional design, our command and control interface CCI-10, our Head-end-, Antenna Remote- and Antenna Heating- Controllers can be used universally for diverse tasks.

Products for resale
To provide our customers with the complete range, GloboTech is also supplier of various high quality third-party products.

  • RF-Design DE: High-End Satellite- and fibre optics products
  • e&s ViTex DE: TV- Infochannel and Teletext
  • Elite antennas GB: high quality antennas (formerly Precision)
  • Vertex DE: Satellite Systems
  • Foxcom IL: fibre optic products for satellite and CATV
  • Swedish Microwave SE: Ku-Band LNA, LNB
  • Norsat USA: C-Band and Ka-Band LNB
  • ASC Signal CA: Satelliten Receive-Systems
  • Orbit FR: Satellite Positioner
  • Blankom DE: CATV- and Sat- processing
  • Tandberg, Ericsson SE: TV-processing digital
  • Scientific Atlanta, Cisco Systems USA: CATV Network and fibre material
  • Canoga Perkins CA: Ethernet via fibre

For professional satellite reception, we have everything in the offer from the antenna via the receiving equipment right up to installation and implementig. For control and monitoring of receiving and processing systems, we are able to offer its own software solutions.

Repairs and Modifikations
Thanks to our versatile measurement equipment and expertise we are able to perform repairs and modifications of third- party products competently and quick (e.g frequency range extensions , frequency modifications etc.)

We can perform the following services:

  • Reception- and Headend-Planning / Installations
  • Network-Calculations and Modernisations (also as Prime Contractor)
  • System implementing
  • System value measurement (coaxial and fiber)
  • Expertises

Our long experience in the field of CATV head-end engineering makes us a popular partner for personnel training and knowledge transfer on the subject of cable television and satellite technique.