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Do you have an idea for a new product or a product improvement and want to implement this?
Talk to us for an advising. Our development department will help you in realizing your ideas.

Reproduction of Devices
There are always situations where devices need to be reproduced from former production andthe  manufacturing companys or certain documents that do no longer exist. GloboTech is able to initialize reproductions on the basis of documents or patterns and produce new devices.

Do you have an own development department but no possibility for prototype manufacturing? GloboTech is able to deliver quickly everything from PCB’s via the housing up to the complete and cheap functional prototypes or models. The PCB’s are produced externally, but the assembly is mostly made in our factory. Housings are manufactured by partner companies in the field of “rapid-prototyping” from our CAD data. The quick way from 3D CAD model to the concrete physical prototype!

Batch Production
Do you need only a few samples of a device? Is the producing of small series too expensive or complicated to you? Ask us, our costs for prototypes and small batch production are cheap and the quality of our products speaks for itself.

ISO-9001 Standard
For us, there is no difference in the process cycle whether you require one or hundreds of devices. We proceed in exactly the same professional manner and the quality and functionality of our devices have always priority. Since April 2003, GloboTech is certified in the ISO-9001 standard.


Small-Scale Series