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Corporate History

GloboTech GmbH was founded in 1994 through the acquisition of the RF Department of GLUR, Münsingen. The high-quality products of GLUR were continuously refined and enhanced.

Today, GloboTech is the only CATV and satellite products manufacturer in Switzerland. Our products, from satellite receiver via stereo coder and FM modulator up to FM repeaters, are hundreds of times in use in Switzerland and bordering Europe.

Beside the device development in the CATV field, we have built up the division "Professional Satellite Technology". With our know-how from the development and our innovative solutions, we have succeeded in realize several major projects in the technical areas of the reception-, transmission- and transfer- technology.

As a further mainstay, we have established the field of "Software Development". Our software solutions are particularly in use in the areas of control and monitoring technology.

Mission Statement

  • As a small innovative company, we want to offer high quality products and customized solutions to our upscale clients.
  • Customers and customer requests, we consider as an opportunity and challenge to test our abilities. All requests are handled within reasonable time. Deadlines are to be met. We will inform our customers about any delays.
  • For our employees, we offer jobs with market-and performance-related pay and contemporary social welfare benefit. Their personal and professional development, we promote through appropriate education and training opportunities. We expect thinking in overall contexts. Mutual support and help and respect we take for self-evidence.
  • We are always looking for new solutions and improvements that we want to offer the market.
  • A perfect image is important to us. We work on it every day through effect of high performance, through proper and fair manner and by care good relations with all our partners.
  • We devote the necessary attention to environmental matters.
  • We consider a reasonable profit as a basic prerequisite for our financial independence and to fulfil our liabilities towards customers, employees, stockholders and the public.
  • We maintain an open flow of information in all directions, if this serves in the business understanding and business process.
  • Telephone contacts we do pleasantly, courteous and on time.
  • In our work processes we depend on our own guidelines, which are documented through the ISO 9001 standard.


GloboTech has a large number of satisfied customers. Our customers include the federal government, cable TV operators, industries and companies from the SME business segment.
We do not publish references on our website since on one hand, we manage projects of confidential nature and on the other hand, we believe that references are matter of trust.

Since the year 2003, GloboTech is certified in the ISO-9001 standard.